Monday, August 10, 2009

Please understand what time of year it is.

Hi Everyone,
I'm posting this because I'm getting a little bit frustrated as well as everyone else is.
I want everyone to understand that this is the wedding season and I have been FORCED to work 7 days a week, almost 14 hrs per day EVERYDAY. This leaves me about 3 hours of personal time to myself a day (not much). I have been using about an hour of that time per day to try and capture and edit some of the videos I have from Punkaj. So that means I am taking even more time out of my life to deal with this whole situation.
If I have your video, know that it is safe. Know that I will get you your raw footage; but if I offered to do an edit for free or insanely discounted for you, please don't repetitively call me and ask the status of your video. I don't have much time as it is and the time that I'm on the phone talking with you, is time that's wasted on talking about video and not producing video.

I know that most of you are passing up a year now and have nothing to celebrate your anniversary, I feel your pain.
But please understand that I can't work continuously 24/7, especially if I've already lost out on tens of thousands of dollars.
I have to continually work and try to recoup the lost wages of 2008. If I can't pay my rent, I won't have a safe place to house the tapes......think about that for a second.

Thanks for the understanding.