Monday, August 10, 2009

Please understand what time of year it is.

Hi Everyone,
I'm posting this because I'm getting a little bit frustrated as well as everyone else is.
I want everyone to understand that this is the wedding season and I have been FORCED to work 7 days a week, almost 14 hrs per day EVERYDAY. This leaves me about 3 hours of personal time to myself a day (not much). I have been using about an hour of that time per day to try and capture and edit some of the videos I have from Punkaj. So that means I am taking even more time out of my life to deal with this whole situation.
If I have your video, know that it is safe. Know that I will get you your raw footage; but if I offered to do an edit for free or insanely discounted for you, please don't repetitively call me and ask the status of your video. I don't have much time as it is and the time that I'm on the phone talking with you, is time that's wasted on talking about video and not producing video.

I know that most of you are passing up a year now and have nothing to celebrate your anniversary, I feel your pain.
But please understand that I can't work continuously 24/7, especially if I've already lost out on tens of thousands of dollars.
I have to continually work and try to recoup the lost wages of 2008. If I can't pay my rent, I won't have a safe place to house the tapes......think about that for a second.

Thanks for the understanding.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Uma and Harry ‎May ‎13, ‎2007 I believe the wedding day was.

Shivani and Akhil
Aziza and Muncm Dec. 30, 2007
Bernetle and Earl Fall 07
Chastity and Quesni Summer 07
Sica Wedding Oct 20. 2007
Lalita and Ray Summer 2007
Crystal and Ruben Summer 2007
Sochi and Prakesh Aug 2007
Stefanie Diaz Quincenra Winter 07

So if one of these were your events.
Please contact me right away so I may send you the images.

Slowly but surely we'll get there.

Monday, May 18, 2009

New Information!!!

Hey Everyone!

I recently received new information about Punkaj from another Bride that was misled by him.
Here is the info I have.

Possible Aliases:
Robert Zen
Pankaj Kumar
Bob/Robert Guiliani
Ben Guiliani
SS# XXX-18-2250

Florida Driver's License Number
G45066072XXXX (I checked this out but it is expired now)

New Jersey Home Address:
139 76th Street, 3rd floor
North Bergen, NJ 07047

The Contact information for a photography business he runs in Chicago...
300 South Wacker Drive Suite 2300
Chicago, IL 60606

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New lead on photos!

I have recently been in touch with a photographer named Felipe and he has back-ups of some images from weddings he shot for Punkaj. Unfortunatley the hard-drive has crashed, but don't lose hope. I have the hard-drive and I am sending it out to a hard-drive recovery location and the hard-drive will be troubleshot in a sterilzed, "clean room", which is standard practice to retrieve vital data from a hard-drive.
If Felipe was at your wedding please contact me @ or
I'll keep you posted on progress.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Anything Else?

If anyone has more information on this situation or past situations please post any other blogs, posts, forums, ect. pertaining to this guy.
Together we will get him.
I also may have a lead on what his address is.

Yahoo entry on Punkaj

Found this for him too.

Another site

and just FYI Swheta Tibrewal's wedding I have and is currently in progress with the edit.
Video to follow shortly.

I found this site also, so it looks like people have already had him in court

Here is the NJ consumer affairs info

124 Halsey Street
Newark, New Jersey 07102
(973) 504-6200 Consumer Hotline
(800) 242-5846 (toll free, New Jersey only)

NJ Attorney General Office

Here is a picture of him. And I'm also sad to say that the cameras and hand holding them belong to me. So what that leads me to believe is that he screwed over the couple that was getting married that day. SO I MAY HAVE YOUR FOOTAGE.
So please contact me as soon as possible so we can get you your footage!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Helping Henna Studios, Art of Wedding Photography, Adam & Eve, & Soulmates Couples

Hello Everyone,
Let me introduce myself and provide a short background. My name is Chris Fabiano and I am a former Videographer for Henna Studios and The Art of Wedding Photography. I did not shoot weddings under the Soulmates and Adam and Eve Couples.
I was not paid for shooting any events totaling an incomprehensible amount of money. Since shooting for Punkish, Bobby, Bob, Robert, Ben, Kumar, Guiliani, Ghuliani, or whatever he calls himself, I've been contacted by many, many, brides trying to retrive video footage or wedding pictures.
I have made it my DUTY to work my hardest to retrive ALL of the photographs and footage that he may have.
Here's what I know....Punkish (Bobby) has let down over 30 couples that I am aware of. I was told by him that he has all of the materials in a storage location called "Storage-Mart" (I've also been there with him multiple times before I was aware that he was running scams.
I've contacted Storage Mart located at 6700 River Road in West New York NJ and spoke with the magager.
I've made him aware of the situation but because Punkish or whatever he calls himself has sooooo many different alias' they can't figure out what unit is his.
I've made a deal with the Regional Manager for storage mart to be there personally at any auctions that are held, where there's a possibility of the material being sold.
Just for the record, I have seen "Punkish's" name spelled in so many different ways and just completely different names totally. Well, here's a list of them.
Punkaj, (also seen as Punkish), Robert, Bobby, Bob, Ben, and for last names I know of Kumar, Guilianni, Ghuliani, and Giuliani.
And I also know of 4 different company names that he operatied under. (The) Art of Wedding Photography, Henna (Studios) Photography, Adam and Eve, and Soulmates Bridal. From the information I received, it turns out this jerk has been doing this sort of scam since 2003. And another FYI is that he used to work for a company called
I have a picture of him and I will be posting it on this blog right away.
I have read that he's been reported to the F.B.I, Attorney General (in NY, I don't know of anywhere else), the Better Business Beaureu, as well as Immigration.
I currently have some videos that I would like to get to the clients and provide some sort of closure.
I created this blog so that I could keep everyone who is interested updated on what I know.

Again, my name is Chris Fabiano, I live in Hudson County NJ, my e mail address is or, I'm easily found on Yahoo and Google searches.
I know it seems a unusual for someone to go through all this additional work, especially someone who's been screwed out of so much money, but I've been contacted by so many couples, including some that I had nothing to do with their wedding and I was truly hurt. I've been working as a videographer since I was a teenager and I truly enjoy making couples happy and being an integral part of their day. So I feel somewhat obligated to help those screwed over by this jerk. I should have seen through him and I should have never let him out of my sight once I heard about him.
Please feel free to contact me via e mail or my cell phone, the number is 201-478-3893.
I will be keeping everyone posted with this blog.
My heart goes out to you ALL.

All the best