Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Helping Henna Studios, Art of Wedding Photography, Adam & Eve, & Soulmates Couples

Hello Everyone,
Let me introduce myself and provide a short background. My name is Chris Fabiano and I am a former Videographer for Henna Studios and The Art of Wedding Photography. I did not shoot weddings under the Soulmates and Adam and Eve Couples.
I was not paid for shooting any events totaling an incomprehensible amount of money. Since shooting for Punkish, Bobby, Bob, Robert, Ben, Kumar, Guiliani, Ghuliani, or whatever he calls himself, I've been contacted by many, many, brides trying to retrive video footage or wedding pictures.
I have made it my DUTY to work my hardest to retrive ALL of the photographs and footage that he may have.
Here's what I know....Punkish (Bobby) has let down over 30 couples that I am aware of. I was told by him that he has all of the materials in a storage location called "Storage-Mart" (I've also been there with him multiple times before I was aware that he was running scams.
I've contacted Storage Mart located at 6700 River Road in West New York NJ and spoke with the magager.
I've made him aware of the situation but because Punkish or whatever he calls himself has sooooo many different alias' they can't figure out what unit is his.
I've made a deal with the Regional Manager for storage mart to be there personally at any auctions that are held, where there's a possibility of the material being sold.
Just for the record, I have seen "Punkish's" name spelled in so many different ways and just completely different names totally. Well, here's a list of them.
Punkaj, (also seen as Punkish), Robert, Bobby, Bob, Ben, and for last names I know of Kumar, Guilianni, Ghuliani, and Giuliani.
And I also know of 4 different company names that he operatied under. (The) Art of Wedding Photography, Henna (Studios) Photography, Adam and Eve, and Soulmates Bridal. From the information I received, it turns out this jerk has been doing this sort of scam since 2003. And another FYI is that he used to work for a company called
I have a picture of him and I will be posting it on this blog right away.
I have read that he's been reported to the F.B.I, Attorney General (in NY, I don't know of anywhere else), the Better Business Beaureu, as well as Immigration.
I currently have some videos that I would like to get to the clients and provide some sort of closure.
I created this blog so that I could keep everyone who is interested updated on what I know.

Again, my name is Chris Fabiano, I live in Hudson County NJ, my e mail address is or, I'm easily found on Yahoo and Google searches.
I know it seems a unusual for someone to go through all this additional work, especially someone who's been screwed out of so much money, but I've been contacted by so many couples, including some that I had nothing to do with their wedding and I was truly hurt. I've been working as a videographer since I was a teenager and I truly enjoy making couples happy and being an integral part of their day. So I feel somewhat obligated to help those screwed over by this jerk. I should have seen through him and I should have never let him out of my sight once I heard about him.
Please feel free to contact me via e mail or my cell phone, the number is 201-478-3893.
I will be keeping everyone posted with this blog.
My heart goes out to you ALL.

All the best


  1. Chris - you are a wonderful person and true profesional for trying to help these brides out! I also was scammed by this jerk, fortunately I learned of his ways before my wedding took place, so I was able to hire someone else. What I've lost is my deposit money which of course hurts, but not as much as it would if I lost pictures and videos. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for stepping up and doing what you can for all the other couples out there.

  2. Chris --
    Thank you for doing this. Too many newly wed couples and their families have been hurt by Pankaj's scam. I hope he gets what he deserves for his scams. A big thank you for you for your help in fixing his mess.

  3. Standing together we are far stronger than standing alone. I truly believe that we will soon see a resolution where everyone has, at the very least, their images and videos.

  4. Chris,

    it was great to talk to you. I really appreciate what you are doing for all of us. you have my support on this - i spent so much $$$ for these pictures and video and i do not have anything. it's going to be 1 year (memorial day weekend) and i have nothing. You have my support...keep in touch... i will email you Monday!
    Dipti Jinwala & Jignesh Rana


    thank you chris for all you efforts, i believe you have been in contact with my wife.

    We had our photos and videos shot by pankaj may 31st 2008, coming up to our year anniversary!

    We foolishly payed out 80% of the cost. But it’s not about the money.

    Although we did get our proofs, we have yet to get the uncompressed files which is needed to go to print. We eventually tracked down the videographer, who did agree to give us the tape for a fee, as he was not payed by pankaj.

    We feel so cheated and disgusted by this excuse for a man. It is clear that he has produced the goods for the privileged few – but for the rest of us we need to get to together and complain. Maybe if the people in 2005 had complained to the DA this would not have happened to us. What is clear is that we must act.

    I have spoken with the DA’s office and confirmed that only 4 cases are on file to date. I KNOW there are far more disgruntled people out there. Either a phone call or letter to the DA’s office(212 335-8900) stating the ref no 23285 may eventually lead to the case being opened and pankaj being brought to justice. They said they may even be able to open the storage up and retrieve our photos.

    I have been conned, but am determined to be the last. I don’t want him to keep getting away with this. PLEASE MAKE A COMPLAINT, if you are reading this and have yet to do so.

    p.s da’s office : manhattan DA’s office, 1 hogan place, New York, NY 10013 attention to the special prosecution division.

    Vivek and Gaithri Ramanathan

  6. Hey folks,

    he has not only cheated innocent couples but has also cheated many women across the globe. He has married them and used and abused them for his needs and then shut them out of his life. He uses the same sob story with everyone.

    He uses different names and different websites. He is a cheat who should be arrested and should pay for his deeds. With all the negative past in NY USA, he came to Canada and married me. All he wanted was a fresh start to life, a new company registered under "Wedding Memories Forever" and "Art of Photojournalism", new bank account and a drivers license.

    I not only gave him a new life but helped him financially to stand back up on his feet, but in the end after getting what he wanted the con artist left me.

    I would like to see this guy punished!!!

    I can be reached at